The Cis-Hetero-Patriarchy Strikes Back

The Cis-Hetero-Patriarchy Strikes Back – Quadrant

Every time a so-called gender squabble assaults the news, I’m reminded that it could very well present a tremendous learning opportunity. For example, there has been a recent tussle over whether the nightmarish term ‘birthing parent’ is preferable to the more well known and civilisationally sustaining ‘mother’. It’s clarifying, right? Based on their choices, one can easily identify the well adjusted with a sense of biology and reality. And then there’s the rest: those unembarrassed to be thought of as insane.

For context, Sall Grover, a new mother, recently tweeted her annoyance with a Medicare form requiring her signature under the aforementioned category of ‘birthing parent’. For more context, such a term is even disputed among the gender warriors in their institutional redoubts. ABC Everydayreliably up to date with the latest stupidities, has often replaced the word ‘women’ with the allegedly more inclusive moniker ‘vulva-owners’. The academy, where all this nonsense got underway, likes the less than melodious ‘gestational individual’, as the asylum patients at ANU’s Gender Institute recommend.

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