Don’t Eat the Bugs

Don’t Eat the Bugs – Quadrant

You may have noticed that today’s progressive activist, busily toiling away at the latest cause, has something like an allergy to merriment. This lack of chirpiness, as Noah Rothman persuasively explains in ‘The Rise of the New Puritans’, is a mark of pious commitment to the tasks still to do: remaking our entire social, political and cultural order.

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The Sanguinary Daydreams of Trans Activists

The Sanguinary Daydreams of Trans Activists – MercatorNet

I am delighted to inform you that the Greens are in turmoil. For the last few months, various members have been trading verbal blows and bunging around legal threats all because of — come on, what else? — serious accusations of transphobia.

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